Wearisaac by Isaac Lummis

Press & Praise

In addition, the entire cast were costumed and ‘wigged out’ delightfully by Isaac Lummis and Corinne Day respectively. TPC have really made an effort to impress in the wardrobe department this year and it's not without notice.
Mark Kearney, Promises, Promises Web Wombat, 10/10/12isaac lummis costume

Isaac Lummis’s costumes are faultless and pitch-perfect.
Byron Bache, Review: Promises, Promises Crikey.com, 7/10/12

Tass's direction is smart, funny and slick, Tanya Mitford's choreography is perky and sassy, and Isaac Lummis’scostumes are a perfect replica of 60s style.
Kate Herbert, Review: Promises, Promises Herald Sun, 5/10/12

Special mention to the Alice-banded beehive and Gidget wigs by Corinne Day and the tight sweaters, pencil skirts and A-line dresses from Costume Designer Isaac Lummis that captured the period perfectly.
Mark Ellis, Promises, Promises The Age, 5/10/12

Tanya Mitfords's frenetic choreography is a startling reminder of times past and Isaac Lummis's costumes recall the brightness of late-60s clothing.
Peter Burch, How to succeed in business with really trying The Australian, 5/10/12

But what would a drag show be without all the fabulous frocks? Fortunately costume designer Isaac Lummis does not disappoint, with the cast of La Cage aux Folles seriously fabulous in every scene, decked out in fuchsia, feathers and an unbelievable amount of glitter.
Alex Schleibs, La Cage aux Folles artsHub, 20/03/12

Isaac Lummis’s costumes incorporate the obligatory sequins, feathers and corsets you’d expect, but are artful and of consistently high quality. No scene fails to impress on the costume front, and the design gives the club scenes especially an appealing contemporary feel.
Julia Sutherland, La Cage Aux Folles [VIC] Theatre People, 20/03/12

To take nothing away from the rest of the creative team, the highlight is most assuredly the eye-popping costumes, designed by Isaac Lummis. The sheer number of them is incredible; each designed brilliantly and made from the most shimmering, spectacular fabrics and trimmings imaginable. This is an immense achievement and huge congratulations go to all involved in creation of these costumes.
Simon Parris, La Cage aux Folles review Simon Parris: Man in Chair, 17/03/12

VCASS has been particularly fortunate that the organisers of the event had a large budget for costuming. Consequently, they have designed and produced the costumes for the entire ballet and will let VCASS keep them after the Spectacular. As Harbour says, costume designer Isaac Lummis has created a wardrobe which 'really lifts the production value of the whole show. We were really lucky'.
Rain Francis, Harbour Creates Carmen & José Dance Informa, 3/09/11

Isaac Lummis’s costume design present luscious recreations of the period complete with monkey print that contrasted against the starkness of the set.
National Reviews, Memmie La Blanc [Review] Gay Destination, 11/03/08

Chaplin has set this version in the swinging sixties, with all its clichés and colourful outfits. It works well (I’ve seen it done before), and the time lends itself to the jokes and patter that occurs. As garish and stereotypical as the outfits were, I appreciated Isaac Lummis’s costume design, especially the use of colour schemes to tie characters together.
Anna Locke, As You Like It Australian Stage, 16/01/08

This excellent adaptation is set in the flower-power era of the late 1960s, with a vibrant psychedelic set (Andrew Portwine) and glorious PVC, technicoloured costumes (Isaac Lummis) mingled with carefully chosen and edited music of the era.
Gordon the Optom, As you like it - Shakespeare in the Park Theatre Australia, 15/01/08

Take note of the deliciously designed costumes and look closely at the fabric. Go see it! I’m not telling you what I mean…go look for yourself. The fact that this fabric must have been so hard to source, the designs and the way it all fits the actors like a second skin is a credit to Isaac Lummis, the costume designer. Wouldn’t mind a skirt with orangutans on it myself actually.
Amanda Tyler, Memmie Le Blanc Australian Stage, 15/11/07